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      Jin feng ming is clear in order to carry through to provide the superior show quality to the customer, we concentrate on the product development research, the manufacturing process ability improvement, guest the result that tell processing, attain customer a satisfaction.Clear in Jin feng ming , we participate the continuous implement employee's training through the whole memberses, carrying out the homework procedure to standardize to control with strict document, promise us to persist to the quality.

      Our product everythings all according to ISO-9001:the quality of 2000 versions request homework, to all the employee but speech is a kind of affirmation, the in pursuit of and more outstanding quality and the everlasting management of the business enterprise, on the quality, Jin feng ming is clear to take"zero weaknesses"s management as a target, promoting the product quality continuously, insuring toward customer to provide a more high-quality product and the service.
¡ù Quality policy  
          Take professional technique as to lead first, beg existence by excellent quality  
          Look for a development by improving innovation, win prestige by good service  
¡ùEnvironment policy  
          Concentrate on the exaltation environment consciousness, cherish the Earth resources environment  
          Obey the environment law laws, improve the prevention pollution of the environment  
¡ùQuality system  
     IQC QE
          The material confirms a report at first The credibility experiment
          Enter to anticipate an examination Statistics a technique application
          Provide the goods merchandise quality auditor Experiment a plan a method an application
          The material specification examines at first Examine the specification establishment lately
     IPQC QM
          The first(independence) check The document management center manage
          Cruise to return to examination Employee's training
          On-line quality examination Inner part/exterior quality system auditor
  Keep on an improvement
     QA Customer's satisfaction investigate
          The finished product examine  
          The instrument correct  
          The customer complains a processing  
          The quality handles unusually  
¡ùTrain in the development  
    In order to make the New appointee member integrate our company as soon as possible, shorten the orientation period of the novice, our company carries out novice actively generally the training and professional training, making the novice acquaint with to understand internal system to combine to work clearly contents.We provide the employee with the technical ability training, making the professional technical ability try for the best, laying equal stress on a development of see personal mind and body and the human relations interaction, expecting to hold the general education education course uncertain, making each member's minds be all pleased and sound!
    According to the employee's work results performance and work will, our company provide fair and proper just proper job changes in adjust opportunity, in order to increase personal depth of the work and wide degree;another for letting the employee have already participate decision and aggressive expression opinion of opportunity, we encouragement the employee participate the item activity actively, in order to enrich personal experience and promote personal growth, and promote company the progress develops forward.

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