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    SHENZHEN JINFENGMING ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD is a profession to is engaged in the computer electric appliances periphery conjunction line,satellite to receive machine kit line,small appliance to carry son to connect a plug-in,DC line,signal line,the USB network line to produce the sale business enterprise, being in the light of to take"quality is originally" as a principle of management, producing in the profession,the profession of dealer's personal status turn comprehensive sex production a factory.

      Our company is existing employee's more than 100 personseseses, owning the factory premises area of more than 2000 square meterses, the company takes the forerunner's production technique as to lead first, being turn with strong technique strength,well-trained production employee,fine of management, constitute to produce the computer electric appliances periphery conjunction line,satellite to receive the
professional factory that machine kit line,small appliance carries son to connect the plug-in,DC line,signal line,the USB network line, also own the forerunner's productionand calculate test equipment.

    The business enterprise provides a quality control with large customer formally toward the society, "quality is business enterprise of originally" is the aim of the company, we will take"the product of the superior quality, reasonable of price, serve sincerely" as a principle of management.Provide a perfect and fast service for the large customer with all sincerity."Everything is perfect."

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